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HALF BAKED, Jim Breuer, David Chappelle, Guillermo Diaz, 1998

10 ‘90s Comedies That Really Need Sequels

The decade saw plenty of sequels, but these ten movies were shamefully passed over.

Is “The Hangover Part II” a “Good” Sequel? (photo)

Is “The Hangover Part II” a “Good” Sequel?

What makes a good sequel? Steven Zeitchik wrote an interesting piece earlier this week in The Los Angeles Times crediting the box office success of “The Hangover Part II” to its “lack of originality.” In essence, he says that the most successful comedy sequels are the ones that hew closest to their predecessors. His article […]

Five “Fourquels” That Weren’t Terrible (photo)

Five “Fourquels” That Weren’t Terrible

We love trilogies. They’re nice and neat. They conform to the three-act structure of storytelling. We love them so much that we want more movies even after the trilogy is over, which inevitably leads to the fourth film in a franchise — the fourquel, if you will (and if you’re an English teacher, you won’t). […]

Is it Really “Part 2” Of “The Hangover?” (photo)

Is it Really “Part 2” Of “The Hangover?”

There are few bolder moves in filmmaking than sticking a “Part 2” at the end of the title of a sequel, because “Part 2” says that a sequel isn’t a sequel at all. Instead, the filmmaker claims the second film is actually a piece of a larger story that’s been planned from the beginning. Since […]

There was a “Ferris Bueller” sequel. (photo)

There was a “Ferris Bueller” sequel.

Or so said Jeffrey Jones, who appeared this weekend as part of a group of John Hughes collaborators that gathered at the New Beverly Cinema in Los Angeles to celebrate the work of the late writer/director in between a double bill of “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” and “Planes, Trains and Automobiles.” Sitting next to “Bueller” […]