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Revenge of the Nerds


Know Your Nerd History

A history lesson on our nerd forefathers.

The Breakfast Club Paul Gleason

The 10 Biggest Jerks From ’80s Teen Movies

Catch Footloose and The Breakfast Club during IFC’s ’80s Weekend.

Weird Science

The 10 Most Sex-Crazed Teens in Movie History

Catch an all day American Pie movie marathon Monday, March 21st on IFC.

Old School

Top 10 Wildest Parties in Movie History

Party on with the Benders season finale tonight at 10P ET/PT.


The 10 best “Snobs vs Slobs” comedies

By Andy Hunsaker It’s the great comedy dynamic – groups of uptight, hoity-toity, nose-in-the-air snobs against groups of down-to-earth, slovenly fun-seeking slobs. The haughty vs. the naughty is a genre unto itself. It had its heyday in the late 70s and throughout the 80s, but it’s hardly a dead notion, since all the kids who […]

The Revenge of the Nerds: How the 80’s movie foretold the rise of Geek Culture (photo)

The Revenge of the Nerds: How the 80’s movie foretold the rise of Geek Culture

“Revenge of the Nerds,” that significant 80s cultural artifact, was a genuinely prophetic film. At the time of its release in 1984 it was morning in America and a muscular foreign policy against the then-Soviet Union nudged popular culture to valorize brawn and social ease and raw good looks. Introspection and lusting in one’s heart […]

Actual College, Meet College Movies (photo)

Actual College, Meet College Movies

It’s the last week of August, and the class of 2013 is either getting ready to or in the process of moving into their dorms in preparation for their first year of college. But if their ideas about what college life is going to be like are based on films set there, they’re probably going […]