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Resistance 3

The 25 greatest video game trailers of all time (photo)

The 25 greatest video game trailers of all time

As video games increasingly matched movies in their use of sweeping cinematics, it was only a matter of time until the gaming industry began taking its marketing cues from Hollywood as well. It’s been no surprise then that video game trailers have increasingly become a key promotional medium beyond the standard commercial. And like its […]

Insert Credit: ‘Resistance 3’   (photo)

Insert Credit: ‘Resistance 3’

Insert Credit endeavors to suss out where you should be allotting your video game allowance, sifting out a single title from many and crowning it as The One Game You Need to Get This Week. Don’t consider these reviews, gentle reader. Rather, think of Insert Credit as a mix of hands-on time, informed opinion and […]

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E3 2011: Sony Announces 3D Gaming Display for PS3

If the performance of recent movies like “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides” or “Priest” is any indication, the public’s reception of 3D movies may very well be on the wane. But, 3D gaming is very much still trying to find its legs. On one hand, the cost differential of making a game render […]

E3 2011: Exclusive First Look At “Resistance 3” Gameplay On PS3  (photo)

E3 2011: Exclusive First Look At “Resistance 3” Gameplay On PS3

At Monday evening’s Sony press conference, dev studio Insomniac Games finally showed snippets of their FPS threequel “Resistance 3.” An Insomniac rep talked about the team’s approach to this game, which happens after a successful alien invasion of Earth leaves humanity on the brink of extinction. Hero Joseph Capelli leaves his wife and kids to […]


First Taste of Hotly Anticipated PS3 Exclusive “Resistance 3” Arrives on “Battle: Los Angeles” Blu-ray

As much as I love seeing Michelle Rodriguez reprise her tough-gal shtick anyplace or anytime, I didn’t see “Battle: Los Angeles” in theaters. The Jonathan Liebsman-directed action flick seemed to be applying a huge slathering of special effects to the “District 9” template, but without the charm of the sci-fi indie darling. Having said that, […]