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Neill Blomkamp


Neill Blomkamp teams with Sharlto Copley again in new sci-fi comedy “Chappie”

Copley will play the titular lead.


“Elysium” still reveals first look at Sharlto Copley’s villain character

“Elysium” comes out on August 9.


“Elysium” still: Matt Damon’s got a big gun

“Elysium” is due out on August 9, 2013.


Full synopsis for Neill Blomkamp’s “Elysium” released

The latest from the “District 9” director will come out March 1, 2013.

The Director of “District 9″‘s Creepy New Short Film (photo)

The Director of “District 9″‘s Creepy New Short Film

Via an eagle eyed reader, /Film found an intriguing video in the new digital edition of WiReD. It’s a one minute short labeled only “Video By: Neill Blomkamp.” Here it is: Blomkamp is the director of last year’s surprise sci-fi hit “District 9,” and the short, which has no title and no obvious connection to […]

Disney, proud supporter of the auteur theory. (photo)

Disney, proud supporter of the auteur theory.

There I was, stuck in traffic, when an ad for “The Last Song” came on the radio, complete with a Miley Cyrus track in the background, an obligatory mention that it’s “based on a bestseller by Nicholas Sparks,” a few bon mots of romantic longing and a blaring end note: “Directed by Julie Anne Robinson.” […]

The Refrain: highlights and musings (photo)

The Refrain: highlights and musings

It’s my birthday (well, last night it was) and I’ve decided to take some liberties today reflecting back on some of my favorite revelations of the past months. Blogs move quickly, sometimes too quickly and I know from experience following my own bookmarked blogs that I miss a ton. Have a look see at some […]

District 9’s newcomers (photo)

District 9’s newcomers

The plot of “District 9” centers around a group of aliens in Johannesburg, South Africa that no one knows anything about at the outset. Likewise the film’s director and talent are unknowns, though I suspect they will be quite famous (and treated much better) in short order when this film opens. Indeed, I suspect Blomkamp […]

Starting Small: Ten Notable Shorts That Became Features (photo)

Starting Small: Ten Notable Shorts That Became Features

While some filmmakers spend their entire careers maximizing the succinct pleasures of the short film, others start out by making shorts that they hope will maximize their chances of becoming a feature film director. This week alone will see the feature debuts of two directors who have turned their short films into full-length one — […]

Putting a Fine Point On It (photo)

Putting a Fine Point On It

Twelve years ago, Paul Verhoeven, ever the cynical prankster, turned Robert A. Heinlein’s jingoistic ’50s sci-fi novel “Starship Troopers” into a plug-ugly satire of homicidal xenophobia, making his whitebread human “heroes” even more grotesque than the giant insectoid creatures they regularly slaughtered. Trouble was, mainstream America didn’t really get the sick joke, even when Neil […]