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Malcolm in the Middle


8 TV Stars Who Were Awesome Twice

TV stars so nice, we loved them twice.


7 Blog Posts by Pop Culture Dads

Hal, George McFly, Tony Soprano and more.


10 Reasons Why We’re Thankful for Bryan Cranston

Check out the Malcolm in the Middle Marathon airing Saturday, Nov. 16 at 10:30AM EST.


11 Epic Hal Moments on Malcolm in the Middle

To help you pass the hours until the finale of Breaking Bad airs on AMC on Sunday, we’re showing back-to-back episodes of Malcolm in the Middle. Beginning at 2 p.m. ET/1 pm CT, you can watch Bryan Cranston as Hal, the hapless lovable dad on Malcolm in the Middle and try to spot the similarities […]


Five Reasons to Watch a Malcolm in the Middle Marathon Today

You may not have noticed, but it’s hot out. Like, really really hot. So today we are giving you a good excuse to stay indoors: A Malcolm in the Middle marathon all day from this very second until 7 p.m. ET. If you didn’t watch the show when it originally aired from 2000-2006, you will […]


Highlights of Bryan Cranston’s Reddit AMA

Something is in the water in Hollywood this week and we love it. Not only did “Arrested Development”‘s creator Mitch Hurwitz hop on Reddit for an Ask Me Anything session (check out highlights here), but last night, “Breaking Bad” and “Malcolm in the Middle” star Bryan Cranston did too! While we have talked to the […]


Five of our favorite Cloris Leachman roles

To get to the beginning of Cloris Leachman’s career you have to go all the way back to 1947. That’s right Cloris’ career in front of the camera is almost old enough to collect Social Security benefits. And to think that you can watch this storied actor in action tonight at 7/6c on “Malcolm in […]


Bryan Cranston’s Five Best Animated Roles

Bryan Cranston is one of our favorite actors. Okay, fine, he’s one of everyone’s favorite actors. That’s why he’s won so many Emmy Awards. We love him in “Malcolm in the Middle” (Did you know that back-to-back episodes of “Malcolm in the Middle” start every weeknight at 6/5c? Oh you did? Good.) and find him […]


There was a Malcolm in the Middle reunion and all we got was this awesome photo

The other day, Malcolm in the Middle’s Frankie Muniz sent out this tweet: Attached was a photo from when the Malcolm in the Middle cast got together in mid-September. “Had an amazing time seeing all my old friends from “Malcolm” today… Realized how much i missed everyone!” Muniz tweeted. Here’s the whole gang, including Bryan […]


Jason Alexander: From Malcolm in the Middle to a Nickleback video

Guess what comedy fans: Seinfeld’s Jason Alexander is guest starring on tonight’s episode of Malcolm in the Middle. He plays a genius chess-playing bum that Malcolm meets in the park. Soon enough Malcolm starts to fear that he’s not just playing a homeless chess genius, but is actually being visited by the Ghost of Malcolm […]