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Louis C.K.


The 10 Funniest Sketches from The Dana Carvey Show

Steve Carell, Dana Carvey, Stephen Colbert, and Louis CK on one show? It happened!

Chewie Louie

Watch Chewbacca Saunter Through the Louie Opening Theme

Chewie, Chewie, chew-ahhhh.


11 Stand-Up Specials That Broke the Mold

Most stand-up comedy specials involve little more than a stage and a mic. (And if it’s the ’80s, a brick wall.) But a few innovative comedians have broken the mold.


6 Comedians Giving Essential Dating Advice

Maybe it’s because of all the red hearts and boxes of candy everywhere we look, but we couldn’t help but notice it’s Valentine’s Day. Whatever your relationship status, here are some words of wisdom from some of our favorite funny people. 6. Amy Poehler Smart Girls at the Party – Amy Poehler’s online network for […]


10 Best Parts of the “Blue Jasmine” Trailer

Woody Allen’s latest looks great.


Watch This Hilarious 90s MTV Clip of a Young Louis C.K.

"My name is David Cross. I photograph toilets."


Louis C.K. considering a role in David O. Russell’s next project

He’d play an FBI agent in the untitled film.


Louis C.K. to headline a Hurricane Sandy comedy show benefit

Two shows will take place on November 17.


Louis C.K. to host “Saturday Night Live” on November 3

The Emmy-winning comedian will be joined by musical guest Fun.

Louis CK offers up new comedy special for $5 online, bypassing traditional distributors (photo)

Louis CK offers up new comedy special for $5 online, bypassing traditional distributors

Back in 2007, Brit rockers Radiohead shook the entertainment world with an unprecedented event. For their new album, In Rainbows, the band would allow fans to name their own price to download the entire compilation, thus bypassing traditional means of distribution such as retail stores, along with the entire notion of a record label. The […]