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Killzone 2

The 25 greatest video game trailers of all time (photo)

The 25 greatest video game trailers of all time

As video games increasingly matched movies in their use of sweeping cinematics, it was only a matter of time until the gaming industry began taking its marketing cues from Hollywood as well. It’s been no surprise then that video game trailers have increasingly become a key promotional medium beyond the standard commercial. And like its […]

The Sandbox: Blockbusteritis (photo)

The Sandbox: Blockbusteritis

As any summer moviegoer knows all too well, there’s nothing Hollywood likes more than a franchise capable of spawning sequels and tie-in merchandise. The glut of superhero, science fiction, horror and action series may please genre fans (in theory, if not always in practice), but their true admirers are the studios, who rely on them […]