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Joan Crawford


Mommie May I?

Celebrate mother’s love with Mommie Dearest on IFC.

The big-screen afterlife of TV shows. (photo)

The big-screen afterlife of TV shows.

It’s not entirely clear why canceled TV shows aren’t content to go away and die somewhere quietly, though in today’s world of corporate synergy that values brands, nothing is really ever prepared to die. If they can, they will return as movies, to general public bafflement. Such was the case with “Serenity,” Joss Whedon’s continuation […]

Plan 10 From Half Moon Bay (photo)

Plan 10 From Half Moon Bay

A few minutes past midnight on Friday, a man in a gray suit and bright red tie took to the stage of the IFC Center’s Theater One and, to the applause of the sold-out audience, proudly waved a wire coat hanger in the air like an athlete brandishing the Olympic torch. This borderline deranged behavior […]

Watching your younger self on screen. (photo)

Watching your younger self on screen.

In an interview with the Independent, Shirley MacLaine reveals what might possibly be the only interesting thing about the big, bloated “Valentine’s Day” monster coming our way. During an argument with her husband (played by director Garry Marshall’s good-luck charm Hector Elizondo), the 1958 film “Hot Spell” screens in the background — representing the couple’s […]

Two Joans.

Looking at a 1930 photograph of Joan Crawford by George Hurrell, the Independent‘s Hannah Duguid describes it as “the stuff of fantasy…simply a close-up of her perfectly beautiful face. Crawford’s troubled character is not apparent in these photographs, nor is her battle with alcohol; the ravages of life are painted over with clever lighting and […]