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Funny Ha Ha

“Rated R for language.” (photo)

“Rated R for language.”

Springboarding off the much–remarked upon faux-controversies surrounding “Avatar” into a meditation upon the boundaries and limitations of the ratings system, A.O. Scott raises a point I hadn’t thought about. It’s not the R/NC-17 divide that worries most parents: “the more embattled frontier is the one between PG-13 and R.” “It is easy,” he continues, “to […]

Minor Crises (photo)

Minor Crises

Whether he likes it or not — and we’re talking about a director whose characters feel so much ambivalence that you can practically see it radiating off of them in waves — Andrew Bujalski has become the patron saint of the burgeoning grassroots indie movement misleadingly known as mumblecore. (The people in these films may […]