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Craig Ferguson


Bill Hader Shares His Never Aired, Silence of the Lambs Talk Show Sketch

We love when former SNL cast members spill the deets on scrapped sketches.


12 Must-Read Books by Comedians

The best comedians are the ones who write their own material. However, not all great comedy can fit in a comic’s limited amount of stage time.


The top 10 legends of late night

A look at the best late night talk show hosts to ever get behind a desk.


Watch: Marc Maron’s Stand Up Comedy

Marc Maron is coming to IFC in 2013

Dave Foley: Master of The Late Night Talk Show (photo)

Dave Foley: Master of The Late Night Talk Show

While I don’t normally choose favorites when it comes to members of my favorite sketch comedy teams, today I am giving a special shout out to Dave Foley fromKids in the Hall. Why? Well because I noticed that he is a great sport when it comes to late night talk shows. From on air proposals […]