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Citizens of Portlandia


The Citizens of Portlandia: Ellen Bloodworth

Meet Ellen Bloodworth, mother, grandmother, citizen of Portlandia. It may seem like you already know Ellen Bloodworth, because she has been a citizen of Portlandia since the beginning. She tried to set Fred straight when she found him hiding under her table at the library while he played adult hide and seek. You may recognize […]


The Citizens of Portlandia: Dingo Dizmal

It takes a village to raise a child, and as we know every village needs at least one clown. In Portlandia, that clown is Dingo Dizmal. While most of us gave up clowning years ago, Dingo Dizmal is a citizen of the magical world of Portlandia, where clowning never stopped being a viable career option. […]


The Citizens of Portlandia: Pat Boyle

Meet Pat Boyle, radio host, amateur golfer and Citizen of Portlandia. In our continuing efforts to help you get to know the fine locally-sourced ingredients that make up the Portlandia stew, we wanted to give you a brief dossier on Colin Boyle. She has been a steady presence on the Portland radio dial most recently […]


The Citizens of Portlandia: Mac McGowan

In our continuing effort to introduce fans to the wonderful cast that helps make up the world of Portlandia, meet Mac McGowan, leathersmith, craftsman, Citizen of Portlandia. While you may recognize McGowan from his role as a steampunk enthusiast and steampunk convention attendee from last season, when not playing a steampunk enthusiast on TV, McGowan […]


Go Behind the Scenes with the Citizens of Portlandia

While Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein may be the stars, co-creators and co-producers of Portlandia, fans know that the show’s world is populated with way more colorful characters than even Fred, Carrie and the wig and costume department can manage. We’ve introduced you to some of the Citizens of Portlandia, but now we are inviting […]


The Citizens of Portlandia: Kristine Levine

Meet Kristine Levine, actress, comedian, mother and Citizen of Portlandia. She’s appeared in many episodes of Portlandia, where she’s done everything from drinking iced tea and talking about Huey Lewis in season two, (watch here) to standing in line for brunch to watching the baseball team. When she’s not helping to populate the city of […]


The Citizens of Portlandia: Sam Adams

During Fred and Carrie’s recent Reddit AMA, someone asked “Who’s idea was it to have the mayor [Kyle MacLachlan] join a reggae band?” and Carrie answered: Carrie: We were basing it loosely on the fact that Portland, at the time, had a gay mayor, and we liked the notion that someone could be a closeted […]


The Citizens of Portlandia: Joe Haege

While fans of Portlandia know Joe Haege as a concerned parent at the Shooting Star Preschool, he’s had a fan base all his own for years in Portland. Haege is a multi-tasking actor and musician who, along with fellow Citizen of Portlandia Corrina Repp formed a band called Tu Fawning, who released an EP as […]


The Citizens of Portlandia: Ed Edmo

When Ed Edmo isn’t playing the coyote spirit on Portlandia, he’s a renowned Shoshone-Bannock storyteller, playwrite, poet, performer and a consultant to the Smithsonian Museum of the American Indian. . He also leads tours of the She Who Watches petroglyphs inn the Columbia Gorge and to the Warm Springs Indian Reservation in central Oregon. He […]


The Citizens of Portlandia: Henry Cottrell

Henry Cottrell, one of the Citizens of Portlandia, has been on three seasons of Portlandia so far, but the role he will always be remembered for is playing Ronald D. Moore, writer of Battlestar Galactica on “One Moore Episode.” Cottrell’s acting was so convincing that many people thought he really was Ronald D. Moore. In […]