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Documentary Now! Robert Evans Mansion

Everything You Need To Know About “Mr. Runner Up” Inspiration Robert Evans

Infamous Hollywood producer Robert Evans gets a Doc Now twist.

The Island of Lost Souls (photo)

The Island of Lost Souls

It’s a good week for fans of movies about paranoid loners who stumble on enormous conspiracies while investigating seemingly innocuous crimes on remote, stormy islands filled with figurative ghosts. Funny how two movies that fit that basic description might be released in the same week. Funnier still that the films are from two master directors […]

Eight offensive quotes on the Polanski situation. (photo)

Eight offensive quotes on the Polanski situation.

In a case as tangled with moral, legal and straight-up emotional arguments as the ongoing Roman Polanski one, there’s plenty of room for reasonable people to disagree. But wherever you stand, you’d hope at least people would avoid making the debate needlessly glib. And you’d be wrong. Here are eight of my favorite stupid statements […]

Selections from David Fincher. (photo)

Selections from David Fincher.

A few highlights from “Behind Button: A Conversation with David Fincher,” hosted by the Film Society of Lincoln Center’s Kent Jones to close out their Fincher retrospective pairing the director’s work with films he likes, a set-up that yielded the whiplash double feature of “Se7en” and “Mary Poppins.” He was drawn to “The Curious Case […]

Odds: Von Trier’s “Antichrist,” the Coens’ collaborator.

Lars von Trier’s English-language horror flick “Antichrist” is a go, reports Variety — funding’s in place and casting will be announced soon. The film’s apparently “about a couple who move to an isolated cabin after the death of their son, only to find sinister forces at play.” Those cabins, always trouble. Von Trier claimed depression […]