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Casey Wilson

Scott Aukerman and Casey Wilson

Watch Scott Aukerman and Casey Wilson Perform an Honest Version of ‘Baby, It’s Cold Outside’

You’ll never listen to this holiday classic the same way again.


6 Awkwardly Hilarious Casey Wilson Moments

Catch Casey Wilson on The Birthday Boys this Friday 11:30p.


Spend Halloween with Comedy Bang! Bang! and The Birthday Boys

The thrills and chills kick off Friday at 11p.


Guess Who’s Coming to The Birthday Boys’ Second Season

Hint: FABIO.


CBB GIF Recap: PF Tompkins Dreamed a Musical Dream

1. A musical episode of Comedy Bang! Bang!? Who’s idea is that? Oh right: Andrew Lloyd Webber (Paul F. Tompkins). 2. CBB let him go with it. 3. Scott may have regretted the decision. 4. Even Reggie may have had some doubts. 5. Although he got over them quickly. 6. In the end Andrew Lloyd […]


Tonight the CBB Musical Comes Alive

Andrew Lloyd Webber (as played by Paul F Tompkins) dreamed a dream of an all-musical episode of Comedy Bang! Bang!


Sing Along with CBB‘s “Really, Really Bad TV”

Scott Aukerman may look like he’s got this hosting Comedy Bang! Bang! thing totally under control, but when an interview starts to go south, that cool-as-a-cucumber façade turns into panic. To help illustrate this point, Casey Wilson joins Scott on stage for one of the most awkward interviews in CBB —and possibly all talk show […]


Casey Wilson Gets Kidnapped by The Phantom of CBB

Did you know that the Comedy Bang! Bang! set is haunted? As you practice saying “GHO-O–O-S-TT?!” in your best Scooby Doo voice, check out this clip from the show’s first ever musical episode. Watch as the masked Phantom of Comedy Bang! Bang! (Thomas Lennon) swoops in to poach guest star Casey Wilson (Happy Endings) right […]


Watch Comedy Bang! Bang!’s debut video podcast with Paul Scheer, Casey Wilson and more

As you know, we’re big fans of Scott Aukerman and his Comedy Bang! Bang! podcast. After all we don’t give television shows to just anyone. So when we heard that Earwolf (which is Scott Aukerman and Jeff Ullrich’s podcast network) was partnering with the Video Podcast Network to start producing live versions of the podcast, […]


Watch Casey Wilson and Reggie Watts Make Music

It’s no surprise that we’re big fans of Casey Wilson. Even though she is the big time star of the hilarious television show Happy Endings, she always makes time for her friends. Yes, she considers Comedy Bang! Bang! a friend. While we’re crossing our fingers she’ll let us braid her hair at the next slumber […]