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Bruce Willis


Inspiration For Die Hard Dads

Dad cliches get the Die Hard treatment.


10 Reasons Why Die Hard Is the Best Action Movie Ever Made

Catch Die Hard as part of IFC’s July 4th action movie weekend.

Die Hard 2

10 Signs You’re an Action Movie Hero

Spend July 4th weekend with Die Hard, The Punisher and more action flicks on IFC.

The Rock That 70s Show

10 Memorable That ’70s Show Guest Stars

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Deadpool Honest Trailer

Deadpool Riffs His Own Honest Trailer, Comedy Bang! Bang! Sneak Peek and More of This Week’s Funniest Videos

This week we’re laughing at Deadpool riffing his own movie, Matthew McConaughey’s acting noises and more.


The 15 Funniest Celebrity Cameos in Music Videos

Famous people make everything better.


10 Reasons Why Pulp Fiction Ruled the ’90s

IFC Throwback Thursdays continues tonight with a double airing of Pulp Fiction starting at 8/7c. For those not alive at the time, it’s hard to explain how much Pulp Fiction changed things and affected popular culture at the time. It’s influence was felt throughout the ’90s in many wonderful and some not so wonderful ways. […]


Bruce Willis confirms development on “Die Hard 6”

When asked about the movie, Willis simply said, “Yes.”


“Red 2” trailer teases exciting cast additions

Catherine Zeta-Jones, Anthony Hopkins and Byung-Hun Lee join the film.


Rian Johnson talks “Looper”, Bruce Willis’ voiceover, and “Breaking Bad”

The director talks to IFC about his past and future projects.