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Black Mountain

Revolutions Per Minute: Amber Webber of Black Mountain (photo)

Revolutions Per Minute: Amber Webber of Black Mountain

I’ve had Amber Webber on my short list of most amazing women in rock since her voice sent undulating tingles up my spine that gathered up in my skull and blew my mind at a Black Mountain show a couple years ago. Her work with Lightning Dust is absolutely stunning too. Now and then I […]

Black Mountain, “Old Fangs.” (photo)

Black Mountain, “Old Fangs.”

The first experience I had with Black Mountain was all hot, bothered and involved too much cheap whiskey smuggled into a little spot in Brooklyn where they were performing. My crew of mostly girls arrived early and took over a little paint and graffiti covered room on the balcony overlooking the stage. A flask was […]

Lightning Dust (members of Black Mountain) (photo)

Lightning Dust (members of Black Mountain)

Amber Webber and Joshua Wells are Lightning Dust. They’re both best known as core members of the increasingly famous psych band, Black Mountain – I’d recognize Webber’s undulating cries anywhere. After getting down with this 2nd Lightning Dust release, Infinite Light, I imagine that instead of being known as members of this or that, that […]

How Well Do You Know Your Black?

Black and music go together like ebony and ivory. No matter the time period or genre, there will always be songs, artists, and band-names shouting out what seems to be the choice color in music. Johnny Cash was the “Man In Black,” AC/DC was “Back In Black,” Metallica was known to “Fade to Black,” and […]

LIVE: Hideout Block Party

It’s been a nice, long summer in Chicago. There are street fairs and music festivals nearly every weekend from May through September. But the unofficial end of summer music in the Windy City is typically the Hideout Block Party. (left: Monotonix engages the crowd by playing drums right on top of them.) In a dead […]