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Ben Foster


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“The Mechanic,” Reviewed (photo)

“The Mechanic,” Reviewed

There’s a lot to like about Jason Statham, but here’s what I like best: he’s bald. We do not have enough bald action stars. Being an action star involves too much vanity, and too much vanity leads men to wear too much fake hair. Even Sean Connery, bald as a baby’s bottom, wore a piece […]

“The Messenger” and “Cloud 9” on DVD (photo)

“The Messenger” and “Cloud 9” on DVD

Oscar-nominated if underpraised while in theaters, Oren Moverman’s “The Messenger” is by far the most mature and moving film made yet about the Iraqi invasion, even if Iraqis themselves don’t even make an appearance as figures mentioned in battle stories. It’s a telling, ethically vibrant film, and for Americans to manage such a thing while […]

Boxhead Ensemble performs live score to motion-picture project, “HERE.” (photo)

Boxhead Ensemble performs live score to motion-picture project, “HERE.”

“HERE” is a feature film by director Braden King, starring Ben Foster (“The Messenger,” and the bad ass in the tough, double-buttoned leather jacket in “3:10 to Yuma”), and Lubna Azabal (“Paradise Now,” “Body of Lies”). A road movie and landscape romance about an “American satellite-mapping engineer and an Armenian photographer who impulsively decide to […]

Ben Foster: Shooting “The Messenger” (photo)

Ben Foster: Shooting “The Messenger”

Few young actors are blessed with wildly eclectic bodies of work, but 29-year-old Ben Foster has utilized his trademark intensity to play a bisexual art-school student (TV’s “Six Feet Under”), a drug-addicted hoodlum (“Alpha Dog”), a winged superhero (“X-Men: The Last Stand”), a Wild West sociopath (“3:10 to Yuma”) and a wannabe vampire who steals […]