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Charles Speaks For Us All

Get to know Charles, the social media whiz of Brockmire.


Brockmire and Other Public Implosions

Brockmire Premieres April 5 at 10P on IFC.

Portlandia Baseball

A Minor League Baseball Team Is Celebrating Portlandia In Style

Check out some baseball uniforms that would be right at home in Portlandia.

Kid In King Arthurs Court

8 Baseball Movies That Have Zero Understanding of How Baseball Actually Works

Here are 8 movies that have a hard time grasping a relatively simple game.

A baseball movie All-Star team (photo)

A baseball movie All-Star team

Tonight is baseball’s annual All-Star game and to honor the occasion The Wall Street Journal put together their own all-star team, a sort of fantasy fantasy baseball roster: the greatest fictional ball players in movie history. You should go over and check out for the whole roster but I’ll say this for the piece’s […]

‘Portlandia’: Baseball Tryouts  (photo)

‘Portlandia’: Baseball Tryouts

Portlandia has a lot of things going on for it (coffee culture, Powell’s Books, food carts, adult hide and seek leagues) but one thing it does not have is a professional baseball team. The mayor of Portlandia (Kyle Maclachlan) has a plan to remedy that situation. That’s right, Portlandia is going pro. Now Fred and […]

From Getting High to High Art: The Strange Journey of Dock Ellis (photo)

From Getting High to High Art: The Strange Journey of Dock Ellis

The mythical story of Dock Ellis and the no-hitter he pitched in 1970 while on LSD is one giant matryoshka doll. There’s layer upon exquisite layer to be uncovered: The black power movement, the war on drugs, Major League Baseball’s free-agency era. And that’s just the first couple of layers. In the last year, the […]

Field of financial dreams. (photo)

Field of financial dreams.

Got $5.4 million burning a hole in your pocket? Love nostalgic baseball movies with daddy issues? Boy, have the Lansings of Dyersville, Iowa have a deal for you. As reported by the Associated Press, the Lansings, the owners of the iconic farmhouse, cornfield and baseball diamond from 1989’s pastoral man-weepie “Field of Dreams” have put […]

Great Moments in Bad Baseball Movie History (photo)

Great Moments in Bad Baseball Movie History

“I believe in the church of the baseball,” Susan Sarandon’s Annie Savoy said in “Bull Durham.” I do too. Especially right now in early April, when the weather is perfect, and every team has a chance, at least hypothetically, to go all the way. In a few months, half the teams playing and half the […]

MIXTAPE:  Baseball Opening Day (photo)

MIXTAPE: Baseball Opening Day

Attention IFC film buffs–I’ve got some movie trivia for ya right now. What movie is this quote from: Do you like beisbol?