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Austin Powers

Austin Powers in Goldmember Fat Bastard

5 Reasons Austin Powers in Goldmember Is Too Rotten to Miss

Get groovy with Austin Powers in Goldmember during IFC’s Rotten Fridays.

Austin Powers Heather Graham

10 Shagadelic Facts About the Austin Powers Movies

Get groovy with the Austin Powers movies this month on IFC.


21 Villains We Couldn’t Help but Root For

Sometimes you just want to see the bad guy win.


What to watch on IFC tonight: “City Slickers”

Yeehaw! We’re showing “City Slickers” tonight at 8/7c. In the early 90s western comedy classic, stars Billy Crystal as Mitch who is facing down a midlife crisis of nearly epic proportions: Luckily, he is not alone in his time of crisis, because his two best friends Phil (Daniel Stern) and Ed (Bruno Kirby), are each […]


What to watch this week on IFC: May 6 – May 12

Here’s what to watch this week on IFC: Monday Join the manhunt at 8/7 when we show “The Fugitive.” Harrison Ford plays the titular fugitive, a doctor who is on the lam and in pursuit of the truth after being falsely accused of killing his wife. His every move is tracked by a very determined […]


What to watch on IFC tonight: “Maron” premieres at 10/9c

Marc Maron knows that sometimes you have to try and try and try before you get it right. Take these tweets for example: My show ‘Maron’ premieres tnite on @ifc! Me and @davesfoley go on a mission. Enjoy it! #InternetTrollsBeware — marc maron (@marcmaron) May 3, 2013 My show ‘Maron’ premieres at 10PM on @ifc […]

The 15 best movie interrogation scenes of all time (with video) (photo)

The 15 best movie interrogation scenes of all time (with video)

It takes good cops and bad cops alike to make a good interrogation scene work. Movie history is littered with loose-canon detectives and unorthodox strategies for getting tight-lipped suspects to talk, and whether the scenes make you laugh at Harold and Kumar or cry because you’re watching James Bond get his scrotum smashed, they do […]

“Austin Powers”‘ Random Task suspected of murder (photo)

“Austin Powers”‘ Random Task suspected of murder

Who could forget “Austin Powers?” Such a great movie. I always loved the ending too, where Dr. Evil’s henchman, Random Task, surprises super-spy Austin Powers and his new wife Vanessa in their honeymoon suite for one last big fight. Here is that scene: Random Task was played by Joe Son, a South Korean actor, wrestler, […]

“Austin Powers 4” may or may not be happening (photo)

“Austin Powers 4” may or may not be happening

Oh HitFix, what have you wrought? Days after announcing that enigmatic comedy tycoon Mike Myers had been “signed, sealed, delivered” for a fourth outing in the venerable “Austin Powers” franchise, the studio has reportedly responded the same way everyone else has…with a resounding “huh?” According to Deadline, apparently 6-12 months ago New Line floated the […]

Seven actors who deserve better. (photo)

Seven actors who deserve better.

We’ve all had this experience before — you go to a movie and an actor you’ve never heard of totally blows you away. You expect to see more of him or her, then years go by and you see the movie again on TV and realize you have no idea what happened. (Like, say, almost […]