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Foot Fetish Jesus And Other Nightmares

Quirks and The Mirror join Comedy Crib.

Phantom Boy

Fred Armisen Gets Animated, Honest Ghostbusters II and More of This Week’s Best Videos

This week we’re watching Fred in the animated film Phantom Boy, Samuel L. Jackson on Game of Thrones and more.


Go behind-the-scenes with Portlandia’s rats

There were a lot of great moments throughout the third season of Portlandia, but the characters that may have managed to upstage Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein were the rats, their anthropomorphic rat personas. When we first met the rodents during Portlandia’s season two, the mischievous threesome of animated rat versions of Carrie, Fred and […]


Watch a new episode of the Total Bearding Network

Remember back when we were kids and beards were big, beautiful bushy things that just grew out of the faces of men? When such bearding legends as ZZ Top and Abraham Lincoln just let their facial hair flow? You’ll feel sentimental for the good old days when you watch Total Bearding Network’s eagle-eyed expose on […]

What’s Your Favorite Miyazaki Film?  (photo)

What’s Your Favorite Miyazaki Film?

When it comes to animation for grown ups, no one can really compete with Hayao Miyazaki. The compelling storylines, complex characters, and beautifully rendered scenes make him the earned him international critical praise and fans of all ages around the globe. With Miyazaki, it’s not whether or not you like him (because you’re not dead […]

The Distopian Future of ‘Renaissance’  (photo)

The Distopian Future of ‘Renaissance’

Set in the Parisian underworld of the 21st Century, Christian Volckman’s Renaissance is a classic noir thriller crafted out of groundbreaking and dynamic black-and-white animation. Placing a hard-boiled detective, a kidnapped dame, and a sinister corporation in a landscape littered with murder, intrigue and dark secrets, Renaissance would do Raymond Chandler proud. When scientist Ilona […]

“A Town Called Panic” and Loads of Noir on DVD (photo)

“A Town Called Panic” and Loads of Noir on DVD

There seems to be no exhausting the raw eyeball pleasure to be had from old-fashioned handmade (or semi-handmade, or whatever) animation, and we may be well living through a pop renaissance of it. The eruptions below the Pixar/Dreamworks budget tier have been spectacular and international, beginning perhaps with 2003’s “The Triplets of Belleville,” learning from […]

Our Pixar Podcast (photo)

Our Pixar Podcast

With “Toy Story 3,” Pixar seems to have created the increasingly rare film that pleases the crowds and the critics alike, children and adults, cinephiles and casual moviegoers just looking for a good time. This week on the IFC News podcast, we talk about Pixar’s 15 years of feature film output (not to mention their […]

Alexander Skarsgard Gets Animated (photo)

Alexander Skarsgard Gets Animated

“True Blood” star Alexander Skarsgård has gained American heartthrob status as the show’s thousand-year-old Viking vampire Alex, but even if the role is clearly make-believe, the Nordic charm is all his. Son of famed actor Stellan Skarsgård, the Stockholm-born thespian has a long and storied career in his homeland, from becoming a child actor to […]

Embracing Convention (photo)

Embracing Convention

It’s unfair, perhaps, but inevitable that every cop movie made post-“Wire” draws comparison to the now-legendary HBO series, just as it’s unfair and inevitable that every one of them falls short. Arguably the best show to ever grace television screens, “The Wire” set a new bar for subtle, taut explication that both challenged and rewarded […]