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Andrew Bujalski

“Loveless,” Reviewed (photo)

“Loveless,” Reviewed

Whereas most men would refrain from approaching a woman he just saw pulling the hair of another in a bar, Andrew (Andrew von Urtz) walks towards her. It isn’t the first clue in Ramin Serry’s comedy “Loveless” that something is amiss about Andrew, though it is the clearest indication of what’s kept him without obligations […]

Mumblecore mocks itself. (photo)

Mumblecore mocks itself.

I guess one sign that you’ve really made it is when you can poke fun at yourself and it’s not just an inside joke for your friends. With “Birthday Suit,” a new three-minute short on “Funny or Die,” mumblecore figurehead/sometime colleague Joe Swanberg achieves the latter, if only barely — hanging at a 48% approval […]

Sundance gets more annoying. (photo)

Sundance gets more annoying.

So Sundance woke up all sweaty and hungover a few days ago and apparently decided it was time to change its ways. The quirky Fox Searchlight acquisitions, the earnest Amerindie movies like “Sin Nombre” going nowhere slowly but self-righteously…something didn’t feel right. Was this the same festival that gave us Steven Soderbergh and Quentin Tarantino? […]

Minor Crises (photo)

Minor Crises

Whether he likes it or not — and we’re talking about a director whose characters feel so much ambivalence that you can practically see it radiating off of them in waves — Andrew Bujalski has become the patron saint of the burgeoning grassroots indie movement misleadingly known as mumblecore. (The people in these films may […]

Beeswax, Bloggers and Barack (photo)

Beeswax, Bloggers and Barack

This week’s new releases include a Latin American double bill on the nature of the fame game, a British one-two centered on the macabre and a global smattering of meditations on love young and old. Download this in audio form (MP3: 13:04 minutes, 12 MB) Subscribe to the In Theaters podcast: [XML] [iTunes] “Beeswax” Following […]

SXSW 2009: “Sorry, Thanks.” (photo)

SXSW 2009: “Sorry, Thanks.”

Apologies for whipping out the m-word, but mumblecore always seemed to me to be defined by its choreography of conflict avoidance. Its characters are so vague about they want and what they think because what they definitely don’t want is to lay those things out and risk disagreement, rejection or open hostility. They lack any […]

SXSW 2009: Andrew Bujalski Minds His “Beeswax” (photo)

SXSW 2009: Andrew Bujalski Minds His “Beeswax”

You’d think that a film shot and set in Austin would see its world premiere at SXSW. “Beeswax” even features the festival’s new producer Janet Pierson in a supporting role, as well as a slew of faces from the local filmmaking scene (the Zellner brothers, Kyle Henry and Bryan Poyser). And of course, “Beeswax” is […]

The Final Frontier of Filmmaking: Three Stories of Self-Distribution

Here’s how the story goes: You scrimp, save and starve to make the film of your dreams. You sleep in your car, you only eat ramen for two years and develop scurvy, you volunteer for experimental drug treatments for cash, you teach the 9-year-old next door how to use Final Cut Pro so that he […]