Frat House Musical

Peter, a wide-eyed freshman who lives to sing, wants to join the Sigma frat house, but the Sigma brothers aren’t ready for his constant singing-- until they find out they’re going to lose their beloved house if they don’t win a singing competition.

Frat House Musical: Episode One


Peter is turned away from pledging at the Sigma house for his constant singing, but when he learns that the Sigma brothers will lose their house if they don’t raise some money fast, and that there is a singing competition with a prize big enough to save the day, Peter sees his opportunity.

Frat House Musical: Episode Two


Peter and the Sigma brothers need to have a car wash in order to raise enough money to register for the singing competition. The only problem is the Omega girls, rivals for the Sigma house, had the same idea and no one wants to back down.

Frat House Musical: Episode Three


The big day of the competition arrives and the Sigma brothers are still unsure of their singing and dancing abilities. It’s up to Peter to pull them all together in order to best the Omega girls and keep their house.

Jin Yoo-Kim

Jin Yoo-Kim is the director of “Frat House Musical.” She is currently an MFA student at the USC School of Cinematic Arts. She received her BA in Psychology and Cinema/Media Studies at Wellesley College. She's made films spanning all genres and styles, from documentaries broadcast on the Documentary Channel, to comedies and action films that deal with immigrant struggles through humor. Her passion is creating entertaining stories that give insight to the human condition. When she is not filming, she can be found taking pictures at restaurants for her food blog. She would like to thank SUBWAY® Restaurants for giving her this opportunity to fuse her passions together.

Billy Sullivan

Billy Sullivan, writer and producer of “Frat House Musical,” will be graduating from The University of Southern California in the spring of 2012. Billy was born in Minnesota and it was no surprise to his friends and family that he left the cold Minnesota winters to make films in the warm sun of Los Angeles. Billy enjoys making films in all genres but especially loves working in comedy and touching on social issues. He is currently finishing his thesis film, “Magazine Missionaries,” about two Catholic middle school students, one a rebellious atheist, and the other a choirboy, who are paired up in a magazine drive. Billy received his BA at Saint Cloud State University in Minnesota for Creative Writing and Film Studies.

When Billy isn’t working on a film project you can typically find him trying his best to be a classy guy either by singing karaoke or challenging his friends to a dance off. If he can’t be found it is very likely that he is in the process of traveling somewhere he has never been before.

Gregory L. Williamson

Gregory, producer and co-writer of “Frat House Musical,” is completing his MFA in film and television production at USC and preparing to direct his thesis, “Private Life,” a thriller inspired by true events. It was a big change of direction and a huge leap of faith to go from work at a major commercial construction management firm in the Pacific Northwest to attend a graduate film program in Southern California. At the same time, it was also a culmination of what may have previously appeared to be a directionless mish mash of odd and unrelated experience as an actor, singer, voice over artist, theatre director, set designer, costumer, wedding photographer, events coordinator, marketer, technical writer, restaurant chain mascot, haunted house designer, film student in Prague and even designer and builder of a couple of parade floats.

Nearing the end of his studies at USC, SUBWAY Fresh Artists™ “Frat House Musical” brought a new level of challenge for Gregory. The ambitiousness of the project quickly came to the surface as the “Frat House Musical” quickly sailed from the earliest stages of development to greenlight to the first day on set to completion. It was a huge challenge enlisting a composer to write what needed to be “very catchy” original music; finding a large cast that could act, sing and dance; managing the collaboration of about 60 people all under intense pressure; pre-recording music and teaching choreography that changed daily along with the script; not to mention locations, equipment, production design, wardrobe, makeup and on a union project…all in about five minutes!


SUBWAY® introduced the SUBWAY Fresh Artists™ filmmakers series to students
at NYU and USC in the Fall of 2011 with the challenge to develop a scripted, episodic
web series around the idea of “Every Breakfast Sandwich Tells A Story.” More than 50
student teams submitted creative treatments for judging by a panel of representatives
from SUBWAY® Restaurants, Content & Co., industry insiders, as well as the faculties
and alumni of USC and NYU.

The semi-finalists were chosen based on their creativity, personality and integration of
the challenge. Following live team presentations, the panels selected two finalists from
each university to bring their series to life.

The winning series from USC are “The Ultimates” and “Frat House Musical.” The
winning series from NYU are “The Loop” and “Tech Up.”


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