Aarne Bielefeldt – Beard Team USA (California)

Aarne Bielefeldt - Beard Team USA (California) (photo)
A European transplant to the States, Aarne lives a quiet life with his wife Rita in the Northern California countryside. Life at home for Aarne is a quiet one, in a house that he built, including solar panels that provide his power and several harpsichords which he plays and which his wife hand paints. At the 2010 Nationals, Aarne literally came out of the woods to humbly win first place in Full Beard Natural when reigning favorite Jack Passion chose not to compete but rather host the event. Much to Jack's consternation, Aarne has now become his chief competitor at many major circuit events. Aarne's style and charm along with his long flowing beard consistently makes him a fan favorite. And as the sole European on Beard Team USA, he straddles the old and new world of bearding, making him quite the contender heading into Norway. Aarne is motivated by a pure love of bearding in a way that makes him appear both childlike and yet seemingly above it all. But make no mistake, Aarne is a serious competitor.
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