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Season 6, Episode 12:
Flip Part II


During her appearance on his last show, Larry tells Carol Burnett that she was the first person he called to be a guest. But Carol brings out Ellen Degeneres, who confirms that she was actually called first. And to make their displeasure over his lying clear, Carol and Ellen proceed to have a conversation which sidelines an embarrassed Larry. Hoping to regain his bearings, Larry moves on to guests Sean Penn and Tim Allen.
Almost as quickly as he gets started, Tim up and leaves the set during a commercial break. And when the time comes for Hank to make his tribute, he's interrupted by the surprise appearance of comedian Jerry Seinfeld. Although he's being ignored, Hank makes every effort to say his final good-bye, regardless of how embarrassing it may seem. Meanwhile, after failing to come clean about representing him, Larry's successor, Jon Stewart, fires agent Stevie Grant.

Clint Black's heartfelt farewell song helps bring Larry's talk show career to a close. Finding Larry and Artie sharing a moment together after the show, Hank angrily complains about having his tribute interrupted and for being the butt of Larry's jokes all these years. However, after nearly coming to blows before storming off, Hank returns for a tearful apology as he, Larry and Arthur make up before leaving the set for the final time.

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