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Season 6, Episode 1:
Another List


Following the high ratings garnered by guest host Jon Stewart, a pair of network executives approach Larry with ideas aimed at boosting his own flagging popularity. And as Larry prepares for guest Winona Rider, Arthur does his best to convince him that the network is serious about making some changes. Meanwhile, Hank sends Brian to find the person who has the vanity license plate reading "Hey Now."

Rather than heeding Arthur's advice, Larry plunges himself into trying to get a date with Winona. But with Jon Stewart also coming on as a guest, Arthur worries that he could replace Larry as host permanently unless something is done to stop it. Meanwhile, Hank finds that license plate holder Paul Fisher is a huge fan, who also looks very much like himself. And in exchange for the vanity plate, Paul insists on a picture of himself with Larry.

Despite Arthur's assurances to the contrary, Jon senses something is wrong when Larry proceeds to ruin their interview. Then, Hank decides to stop kowtowing to Paul's demands and relinquishes his claim on the license plate. But when Arthur accidentally mistakes Paul for Hank, he learns that the network is upset with Larry. And after Hank gets the news from Paul, he quickly invites Jon to have dinner together. Finally, after insisting he won't heed the network's advice, Larry has second thoughts about making the changes after catching Jon and Winona making out in the dressing room.

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