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Season 4, Episode 1:
Roseanne’s Return


During a staff meeting, Arthur casually reveals that Roseanne has been booked as a guest -- even after she ended her romance with Larry to marry a limousine driver. Larry, sent into an emotional tailspin, seeks the help of a popular show business therapist. To take Larry's mind off the whole affair, Arthur suggests a date with one of the show's guests, supermodel Ivanka, while Hank's request for some fresh jokes spawns an argument with Phil over the trial of O.J. Simpson.

After running into former talk show host Chevy Chase at his first therapy session, Larry recounts the painful details of his break up with Roseanne. Encouraged to approach Roseanne on his own terms and not to just do what Artie wants, Larry orders Roseanne bumped from the show. Meanwhile, as an under-employed Chevy Chase rambles aimlessly about the "Larry Sanders Show" set, Arthur challenges Dr. Reisman about his advice.

When Rosanne calls to protest her cancellation, Larry refuses to talk but does agree to put her back on the show. As Chevy continues to roam the studio, Hank learns that Phil defaced his car to prove a point about O.J. Making her appearance on-stage, a very pregnant Rosanne launches into a very vindictive and public account of their failed romance. But instead of being upset, Larry agrees that it made for great television as he and his former girlfriend make up...just before she goes into labor.

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