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Season 3, Episode 1:


Arriving at Larry's cabin in Montana, Arthur finds him watching tapes of his old shows. Admitting that he misses working, Larry says he wants to come back and they explore the options, which could allow for a graceful return, including his admitting to a drug problem. Noting that the network is suing for breach of contract, Arthur suggests that it just may provide him the perfect cover and asks Larry to stay in Montana while he heads back to negotiate the deal. However, Larry secretly follows him back to Los Angeles where he finds Hank announcing lottery numbers on TV.

When Larry secretly meets with his sidekick to ask him to return to the show, a dispirited Hank suggests that news stories about his attempted suicide had some basis in fact as he asks for time to think about the offer. Then, after secretly turning to the other members of his staff, Larry asks each of them to return to the show before Hank agrees to come back, too. However, after Arthur complains about his hiring everyone back so quickly, he and Larry are surprised when network owner Richard Germain has no interest in returning the show to the air.

Upset with the decision, Larry storms off, claiming he is headed back to Montana and leaving Arthur to work out a deal. Telling Germain that last season's departure was due to drugs, Arthur struggles to get him back on the air as Larry secretly listens from inside the office closet. After managing to get rid of Larry before he can be discovered, Arthur is forced to accept Germain's questionable terms. Yet, preparing for his first new show, Larry gets cold feet and decides that he cannot abide by the conditions of his agreement. However, forced by Artie to take the stage, he greets his audience by confessing to a drug problem. Finally, after publicly thanking Germain and the network for a second chance, Larry realizes that his admission has made him more popular than ever.

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