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Season 2, Episode 3:
The List


Reprimanded by Arthur for having spent the weekend with Francine, Larry discovers that his ex-wife not only knows guest Alec Baldwin, but that she slept with him after the break up of their marriage. But, while debating whether or not he can still have Alec on the show, Larry learns that Arthur has known for years about the affair. Meanwhile, as he prepares to open a new restaurant, Hank is force to seek investors when the rotating floor he wants so badly costs a lot of extra time and money. After being consoled about the divorce by guest Ed Begley Jr., Larry admits to Alec that he knows about Francine. Though having pledged not to discuss her during the show, when Larry breaks the promise, he is surprised to discover that Ed has dated his ex-wife, too. Confronting her after the show, Larry asks her for a list of the people she has slept with in order to avoid any more embarrassing episodes. But, when Francine asks him for the same, he unsuccessfully tries to retract the demand.

As Hank seeks more investors from among the show's staff, Larry tells Arthur about the list before turning to Beverly for help in preparing for a confrontation with Francine. However, after giving each other their lists, they agree to tear them up before looking, despite Arthur's insistence Larry examines hers first. Finally, ignoring Hanks' persistent pitch for the restaurant, Larry and Francine decide to start seeing each other again.

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