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Season 2, Episode 1:
The Breakdown Part I


Four months after being left by his wife, Larry finally learns that Jeannie wants a divorce. Failing to talk her out of it, he then turns to Arthur and discovers even more bad news about the show's not getting a single Emmy nomination. As Larry refuses Arthur's suggestion that he seek comfort with their guest, supermodel Kathy Ireland, Hank fondly recalls their days together as bachelors.

Upon confronting Arthur, Larry demands to know why he wasn't told about the show's poor performance that has resulted in a string of cancellations. Hoping to take the string out of the bad news, Hank suggests returning to one of their old bachelor haunts in search of some female company. Meanwhile, after receiving a restraining order from Jeannies's lawyer preventing him from mentioning their divorce on the show, Larry is nearly blinded when a gag goes awry.

After refusing Hank's offers of both a dog to keep him company and a trip to Las Vegas with a pair of beautiful women, Larry takes the stage with an eye patch and does his best to carry on. But, as he is completing a bit with Hank, a minor heart attack renders him unable to complete the show. Forced to stay in bed and recover, Larry learns that, not only has Jeannie failed to call and wish him well, but she has taken their dog, too!

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