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Season 1, Episode 11:
The Warmth Episode


After an emotional moment on the air with Richard Simmons to discuss the progress of Hank's new diet, Larry comes across a report on his show's ratings in Arthur's office. Although concerned by the low numbers compared to his competitors, Arthur insists that they mean nothing and insists that Larry forget all about them. However, asked about his image, Jeannie claims it is the hostility bubbling beneath Larry's surface that viewers find attractive.

Returning to work the following day, Larry is surprised when a new security guard asks to see his identification before allowing him into the studio. Already uncomfortable with his "angry" image, when Larry is told that the guard has been fired for the mistake, he insists that he be given his job back. Unable to shake his concerns about his "likability factor", Larry asks Arthur for a focus group test to find out what his viewers really think of him and the show.

Advised by Arthur not to do anything different because of the focus group, Larry cynically insists that all of his shows are absolutely typical. Then, while secretly watching their reactions after the show, Larry is shocked by the group's responses, but is counseled by Arthur to stop worrying about what other people think and to start liking himself more. Finally, though told by Larry that the focus group hated him, Hank discovers that he is one of the best-liked parts of the show.

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