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Season 1, Episode 12:
A Brush With (The Elbow of) Greatness


While watching the local news, Larry is surprised to learn he has been accused by a woman of rudely pushing her in a supermarket checkout line. Though admitting that he was at the market when Carol Biederman was shoved into a magazine rack, Larry denies having anything to do with the episode she described. Meanwhile, as reporters besiege the show office searching for stories of more rude and violent behavior by Larry, Hank asks to plug a product during the show in order to impress the company's owner.

When videotape from the market shows that Larry unknowingly pushed Carol while waiting in line, Larry and Arthur call on Norman Litkey, the show's publicist, for help. Although Larry worries about the damage it could do to his reputation, Norman insists the controversy will only help the show's ratings. However, after listening to the negative news coverage of the event, Larry bemoans his status as a celebrity and hides out in his office.

Criticized by Jeannie for feeling sorry for himself, Larry is coerced to come out and do the show, deciding to apologize to Carol on the air and put an end to the entire episode. But, after introducing Carol to his audience, Larry is shocked to discover that she has sued other celebrities after chance public encounters and accuses her of being a professional victim out to take advantage of his bad publicity. When she is finally thrown off the show by Larry, Carol turns to the press to complain about how badly she was treated, and the resulting controversy causes Hank to lose a potential commercial endorsement.

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