Portlandia Throwback: Kickstarter Mania


Tune in for an all-new twist on Kickstarter-funded films on tonight's episode of Portlandia at 10/9c.

Great art doesn’t make itself.

Everything from Blanche Devereaux earrings to turtle-hippo friendship documenting zines to Great Dane adventure films all require cold hard cash. Luckily there’s Kickstarter for all of that.

In this Throwback clip from Portlandia season two, Carrie Brownstein’s Jayde needs to raise $25,000 to finish her band Jayde speaks Sevyn’s music video. Instead of setting up a retro lemonade stand, Jayde enlists director Gavhin Quin for help and they turn to Kickstarter to make an appeal to the hearts and minds and checkbooks of their many fans (read: dear old dad).

Portlandia: Kickstarter by IFC-Official

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