Watch as Portlandia goes into a food coma


Portlandia's third season kicks off tonight at 10/9c.

On Friday we took a trip to a land never before seen: Winter in Portlandia. Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein used their comedic platform to tackle a serious issue: Pigging out. It’s something that we can all relate to, because from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day it’s extremely likely that you will find yourself stuffed to the gills holding your stomach, loosening your belt, and moaning quietly to yourself while watching IFC from the comfort of your couch. While normally you would be embarrassed to be caught wearing your fat pants around town, during the holidays there’s no shame in wearing pants that are two sizes too big. In fact, you’ll be in good company, because everyone else is doing it too. Yep, the holidays are generally celebrated with serious bouts of overeating. But in Portlandia, they understand that food comas can happen at any time, so it’s wise to be prepared and plan ahead.

Watch this clip from Winter in Portlandia as they lay out a plan to avoid food comas and we will see you on Friday, Jan. 4 at 10/9c when the new season of Portlandia kicks off:

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Portlandia returns to IFC on Friday, January 4th at 10/9c

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