Marc Maron Is Dating a Hoarder


Is Marc's new girlfriend a hoarder? Maybe.

On the season finale of Maron, Marc may finally have come to terms with the fact that his fling has turned into girlfriend. However, that fragile stability is shaken up when Marc learns Jen (Nora Zehetner) is getting kicked out of her apartment and needs a place to stay and kind of has her eye on Marc’s empty bedroom to house her stuff. After all, it only has a yoga mat in it. Unfortunately, though, Marc, likes his dusty yoga mat – and his independence. After mulling it over in a very Marc-like way, he ends up feeling okay with Jen moving in, so long as it’s they both agree that – since they’ve only been together for six weeks – this is a bad idea.

Since Marc and Jen were on the same page, it should have been smooth sailing, but since this is Marc and Jen, it’s not. When Marc goes to help Jen pack up, he discovers that Jen is kind of messy. While Marc is more than a little creeped out, he knows that he likes Jen enough to put up a little “adorable hoarding.”

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