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10 Sassy Grandmas We Can’t Get Enough Of


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If you’re like us, you prefer your pop culture grandmas with a healthy side of sass. So we can’t wait until you get to meet Gigi Rotblum, the hilariously raunchy senior citizen who is the star of the new IFC series Gigi Does It.

Actor/cocreator David Krumholtz is behind Gigi (yes, that’s Krumholtz under all that makeup), a retiree who gets a new lease on life after inheriting a fortune from her late husband. Exploring everything from art to porn, Gigi is set to take her place amongst the ranks of so-crazy-you-gotta-love-them grandmas. In honor of National Grandparents Day, check out our tribute to some of the most outrageous grandmas in pop culture.

1. Gigi, Gigi Does It

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Gigi is a 76-year-old yenta. She may have lost her beloved husband, but she’s ready to take life by the cojones. Armed with a secret bank account filled with money her late hubby left to her, Gigi gets into all kinds of shenanigans. Many of which involve stuffing dollar bills into “banana hammocks.”

2. Lucille Bluth, Arrested Development


Lucille drinks martinis like they’re water, and mistakes the warning label on her son’s medication for a winking eye alcohol suggestion on her own bottle of meds. So, yeah, she’s been around the block and back a few times. The matriarch of the Bluth family may not be the warmest parental figure, but she’s certainly quotable. We’re just glad she’s not our mother.

3. Grace, Grace & Frankie


Grace and Frankie are relative newcomers to the “sassy grandma” clan, coming to us from their Netflix original series. While Frankie, played by Lily Tomlin, isn’t technically a grandmother, Grace is the real deal. It’s one thing to have Jane Fonda as a grandmother, but she’s even cooler because her husband left her to be with another man and it’s propelled her into a new, exciting life. Grace and Gigi should get together to peruse some art or hit a nightclub and cruise for a new boy toy.

4. Grandma Fa, Mulan

The grandmother of the Fa family in Disney’s animated classic is either super eccentric or super senile. Either way, she’s delightful. In most families, walking into on-coming traffic with nothing for protection but a caged cricket would get granny landed in a home, but you couldn’t put Grandma Fa in a home if you tried. Not when she has a cricket as her secret weapon.

5. Elle Reid, Grandma

With the indie dramedy Grandma, it’s as if director Paul Weitz asked Lily Tomlin to just be her kooky, lovable self. The actress is a firecracker as Elle Reid, who is the kind of woman who cuts her credit cards up into little pieces to make a wind chime or who bestows copies of the Feminine Mystique to wanting souls. She’s the kind of woman we want as a grandma.

6. Sophia Petrillo, Golden Girls


Golden Girls favorite Sophia Petrillo was the original sassy grandma. All bow down to her greatest. Played by actress Estelle Getty, she was extremely close with her daughter Dororthy (Bea Arthur)…sometimes too close for comfort. But you could always count on Sophia’s bluntness when it came time to take Blanche down a peg or make sense of one of Rose’s rambling St. Olaf stories.

7. Mable “Madea” Simmons, Tyler Perry’s Madea movies


Tyler Perry’s Madea has been a hit with audiences because like all great sassy grandmas she says what we’re all thinking but too timid to admit in mixed company. Swift with a one-liner or a slap, Madea isn’t afraid to drop the class act when her family is threatened, whether that’s from other family members or disreputable women like that Brenda character.

8. Lady Olenna, Game of Thrones


Even the royals of Westeros have their version of the sassy grandmother. That would be Lady Olenna (Diana Rigg), and there’s a reason why they call her the Queen of Thorns. The Internet had a field day when her Royalness breathed in the air of King’s Landing, and exclaimed, “You can smell the sh– from five miles away!” From then on, the land was made brighter by her presence.

9. Emily Gilmore, Gilmore Girls

You do not mess with Emily Gilmore (Kelly Bishop). Lorelai (Lauren Graham) may find her mother difficult to deal with at times, but there’s no one you would rather have in your corner than this sharp-tongued Connecticut blue blood. Case and point, that time Emily put snooty Shira Huntzberger in her place. The mother of Rory’s then boyfriend Logan wasn’t too pleased with who her son was dating, but that outward aggression ended when Emily used a string of eloquently phrased words to crumble her rival’s ego down to nothing.

10. Violet Crawley, Downton Abbey


Downton Abbey has earned acclaim for its gripping depiction of genteel British society. But Dowager Countess Violet Crawley, played by the legendary Maggie Smith, brings a much-needed attitude to the otherwise dramatic series. We can only imagine how Violet would react to Gigi’s racy tongue.

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Documentary Now! Robert Evans Mansion

The Reel Deal

Everything You Need To Know About “Mr. Runner Up” Inspiration Robert Evans

Watch the two-part finale of Documentary Now! this Wednesday at 10P on IFC.

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Photo Credit: Everett Collection

In its upcoming two-part finale, Documentary Now! spoofs the crown jewel of docs: The Kid Stays In The Picture. It’s the autobiographical documentary about Robert Evans, the unlikely Hollywood mogul whose mix of self-aggrandizing bravado, classic good looks and extremely circumstantial good luck took him from being a salesman to an actor to the head of Paramount Pictures.

If you’ve never seen the film, it’s totally worth it. Rotten Tomatoes agrees, with a staggeringly-high approval rating. Watch it before, or watch it after — doesn’t matter. You’ll appreciate it whenever.

In the meantime, here’s a bit of background that will come in handy…

Robert Loves Robert

Robert Evans desk

USA Films/Everett Collection

Robert Evans is the ultimate Robert Evans fan. The movie was narrated by Robert Evans and based on his memoir of the same name. It is totally unbiased.

He’s Kind Of A Big Deal

Robert Evans, Chinatown
Paramount Pictures

Evans produced some of Hollywood’s true classics: Chinatown, Rosemary’s Baby, The Godfather, Love Story…the list goes on. Totally legit and amazing movies.

He’s Also Kind Of A Joke

Wag The Dog
New Line Cinema

Evans has been parodied in TV shows and movies like Entourage and Wag The Dog. He is the quintessential “producer” you already have in your head.

So Wrong He’s Right

Robert Evans Slap
20th Century Film Corp

Robert Evans is a notorious narcissist whose love of self is so blind and sincere that it’s actually adorable.

There’s Something Missing

via Giphy

Entire sections of Robert Evans’ life are left out of the documentary. Maybe it’s because of timing. Maybe it’s because real life isn’t a tidy narrative. Who knows.

He Blew It

Spider coke

Evans had a pretty spectacular fall from grace. He was convicted of cocaine trafficking in the early 80’s, and was connected to a contract killing during the production of The Cotton Club. Oops.

Losing Is For Losers

Everett Collection
Everett Collection

In the Robert Evans mythology, all tragedies are just triumphs in disguise, and every story has a happy ending…for Robert Evans.

Bill Hader Jerry Wallach

With these simple facts in hand you are now prepared to thoroughly enjoy the two-part finale of Documentary Now! starting this Wednesday at 10/9c on IFC.

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Weird Roles

Anthony Michael Hall’s Most Rotten Movies

Catch Anthony Michael Hall in Weird Science on Friday at 8P on IFC.

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Photo Credit: Universal/Everett Collection

Anthony Michael Hall was the quintessential ’80s nerd. We love him in classics like The Breakfast Club and National Lampoon’s Vacation. But even the brainiest among us has his weak spots. In honor of Weird Science airing this Rotten Friday, we analyze Hall’s worst movies.

Weird Science (1985) 56%

A low point for John Hughes, Weird Science is way too wacky for its own good. Anthony Michael Hall’s Gary and his pal Wyatt (Ilan Mitchell-Smith) create the “perfect woman.” Supernatural chaos ensues. The film costars a young Bill Paxton, floppy disks, and a general disconnect from all reality.

The Caveman’s Valentine (2001) 46%

This ambitious drama starring Samuel L. Jackson couldn’t live up to its rich premise. Jackson plays Romulus, a Juilliard-educated, paranoid schizophrenic who lives in a cave. Hall co-stars as Bob, a rich man, who wants to see Romulus play the piano. The plot centers around Romulus investigating a murder, but with so much going on, the movie never quite finds its rhythm.

All About the Benjamins (2002) 30%

Ice Cube plays a bounty hunter who teams up with Mike Epps’ con man to catch diamond thieves. Hall plays Lil J, a small-time drug dealer. It’s definitely a role we’ve never seen Hall in, but overall the movie isn’t funny or original enough to justify its violence.

Freddy Got Fingered (2001) 11%

This showcase for Tom Green’s goofy gross-out comedy is often hailed as one of the worst films of all time. Green plays Gord, a 20-something slacker, who dreams of having his own animated series. Hall is Dave Davidson, a CEO of an animation studio who eventually helps Gord find success. Too bad Tom Green wasn’t so lucky.

Johnny Be Good (1988) 0%

Hall plays against type as Johnny Walker, a star quarterback. Robert Downey Jr. is his best friend and Uma Thurman plays his devoted girlfriend. Despite the support of a future A-list cast, the movie lacks central conflict and charm. Or, as TV Guide put it, “Johnny be worthless.” Ouch.

Catch the “Too Rotten to Miss” Weird Science this Friday at 8P on IFC.

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Binge Fest

Portlandia Season 6 Now Available On DVD

The perfect addition to your locally-sourced, artisanal DVD collection.

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End of summer got you feeling like:

Portlandia Toni Screaming GIF

Ease into fall with Portlandia‘s sixth season. Relive the latest exploits of Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein’s cast of characters, including Doug and Claire’s poignant breakup, Lance’s foray into intellectual society, and the terrifying rampage of a tsukemen Noodle Monster! Plus, guest stars The Flaming Lips, Glenn Danzig, Louis C.K., Kevin Corrigan, Zoë Kravitz, and more stop by to experience what Portlandia is all about.

Pick up a copy of the DVD today, or watch full episodes and series extras now on IFC.com and the IFC app.

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