Season 2, Episode 3:
The Shroud of Wally


Dilbert has a short death experience and is disappointed to learn that the afterlife is nothing but a cubicle.  Also, it’s Wally’s birthday and the office gang brings out the “Birthday Kit” which includes a tablecloth on which Wally wipes his chocolate filled face.  When The Boss is looking for a time capsule to put into the unmanned space rocket that The Company is launching, he has Asok use the Birthday Kit.  But, the rocket is a disaster and it crashes almost as soon as it is launched.  And, as it breaks up over the atmosphere, the Birthday Kit crashes down right in the middle of a self-help seminar.  When the mindless drones get a glimpse of Wally’s chocolate image on the tablecloth they are certain that he is the divine one – and the tablecloth is named “The Shroud of Wally.”

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