Season 2, Episode 13:
The Return


Jerry Seinfeld is Comp-U-Comp & Jon Favreau is the disgruntled worker
Dilbert turns to the Internet in search of a new computer.  He has it delivered to the office to impress the other engineers.  His idea backfires when the Boss signs for it and it turns out to be an outdated model instead of the state of the art system he had ordered.  He runs into problem after problem while trying to return it.  He finally finds out the location of the company, Comp-U-Comp, and heads straight there with the computer and the gang from work.  They discover that the company is run by a big computer.  It tells the group it will not exchange the computer unless Dilbert agrees to a competition to determine whether humans or computers are superior.  After losing to Comp-U-Comp in chess and badminton, Dogbert arrives to help Dilbert out.  Dogbert locates the only human in the building, a security guard who guards the outlet where Comp-U-Comp is plugged in.  Dogbert distracts him and unplugs Comp-U-Comp.  Dilbert and the gang use this opportunity to grab a bunch of new computers and run.  Dogbert plugs Comp-U-Comp back in and they flee with their new computers.

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