Season 2, Episode 1:
The Gift


Jeri Ryan guest “stars” as the Clock
It’s Dilmom’s birthday and Dilbert must get her a gift.  Dogbert suggests that Dilbert go shopping at the mall, but an unspeakable event in Dilbert’s childhood has him afraid to set foot in that horrible monstrosity known as The Mall.  But, the only thing that Dilmom wants for her birthday is something that left their lives years ago – and it was left at The Mall.  So, a petrified Dilbert bucks up and heads out OT shop.  When he gets there, along with Dogbert, Wally and Asok, they encounter the mall Tribesmen, a shabbily dressed group of people who live, eat and do everything at The Mall.  Dilbert thinks he is doing all right, until he spots his long-lost father – the “thing” that was left at The Mall years ago when Dilbert was only 5.  Dilbert has a reunion with his Dad at The Mall’s Red Oyster Restaurant with the “All You Can Eat Buffet.   You see Dildad refuses to leave the buffet until he’s had all he can eat.  In the end, Dilbert goes home without Dildad, but he is at least able to give Dilmom good news on her birthday – that Dildad is alive and well and well fed.

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