Season 2, Episode 4:
The Dupey


Christopher Guest as the Dupey
Fast food restaurants are advertising “The Dupey” free with a meal. But, Dilbert discovers that The Dupey doesn’t even exist.  Then he is informed that his company is marketing the imaginary item.  The Boss puts Dilbert in charge of creating The Dupey to go with the existing marketing campaign and Dilbert invents the cutest little Dupey, a mechanical baby that learns to walk, eat, etc. at an accelerated rate.  The world goes crazy for the little tikes and all seems great for The Company until the Dupeys begin to morph into an ugly, advanced life form.  The Boss thinks that the only way to rid the planet of the Dupeys is to eat them.  Dilbert, on the other hand, has a plan: one wouldn’t eat an insurance salesman, would one?  So, turn the Dupeys into insurance salesmen.

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