Season 2, Episode 17:
The Delivery


Jay Leno guest stars as himself
Dilbert sees the picture of his ultrasound and can’t believe his baby looks like a bowl of fruit.  Dogbert and Garbage Man suggest he sell his story to the tabloids, but Dilbert remains skeptical. However, when Dilbert tells the Boss he is pregnant, the Boss threatens to fire him if he has the baby.  Dilbert and Dogbert decide that going to the tabloids is the only way Dilbert will be able to support the baby if he loses his job, so Dilbert tries out for a TV talk show and somehow ends up getting a makeover on Regis and Kathie Lee. Since he didn’t get paid much for his story on TV, Dilbert then decides to write a book.  He goes to see a literary agent who brings him to a place which actually creates news and is surprised to find Dogbert there!  They decide to do a news show on Dilbert. While the show is on the air, the dying billionaire, the hillbilly surrogate and the engineers whose sperm was destroyed at the sperm bank, are all watching in awe. They decide to sue Dilbert for custody of the baby. Dilbert pleads with the judge for custody of his baby, but to no avail.  After the trial, Dilbert has the mutant baby (which is a combination of all the different genes the rocket had crashed into) and quickly puts the baby in a rocket and launches it into space.

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