Season 2, Episode 6:


Gilbert Gottfried guest stars as the Troll
Dilbert invents what he thinks will end world hunger – the Tomeato.  And, he knows the perfect place to test his invention: the third world country of Elbonia – where his foster child lives.  So, Wally and Dilbert set out for Elbonia with the Tomeato in hopes that they can cure the country of its famine.  But, when they get there, they are shocked to see that the country is not in a famine at all.  In fact, they are very well fed.  The whole country eats mud.  Mud that tastes like chocolate to be specific.  And, Dilbert also discovers that his starving foster child is in fact not only not starving, he is also not a child.  He is the richest, and shortest, man in Elbonia.  Dilbert is not discouraged, however, and he finds a use for his Tomeato afterall.   Several Elbonians begin to use the Tomeato as a building brick and it holds up quite nicely.  But, when the Elbonians plant the Tomeato to further their building industry, the half vegetable/half meat hybrid turns their precious chocolate mud into, well...just mud.  And the country begins to starve.  So, Dilbert, now safely back at home, rushes back to Elbonia with Dogbert so that he can save the country from starvation.

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