Scott Adams (Co-Executive Producer)

Creator of the decade's most popular comic strip, Scott Adams is co-executive producer of the  half-hour animated comedy DILBERT, distributed by Columbia TriStar International Television, a Sony Pictures Entertainment company.

Born and raised in Windham, N.Y., Adams held a variety of self-described "humiliating and low-paying jobs" after graduating with a bachelor of economics degree from Hartwick College.  During his eight years at Crocker National Bank and nine years at Pacific Bell, he worked as a bank teller (and was robbed twice at gunpoint), computer programmer, financial analyst, product manager, commercial lender, budget manager, strategist, project manager and "engineer."

During those years, Adams entertained himself during meetings by drawing insulting cartoons of his co-workers and bosses.  Eventually a bespectacled character named "Dilbert" emerged from those doodles.  In 1988, Adams mailed some sample comic strips featuring Dilbert to major cartoon syndicates.  United Feature Syndicate plucked "Dilbert" out of thousands of submissions received that year and offered Adams a contract.  "Dilbert" was launched in 50 newspapers in 1989.

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