Attractive twentysomethings find they don’t look so good in their bathing suits any more after certain vital organs are removed in director John Stockwell’s don’t-ever-leave-home horror film. Alex (Josh Duamel), his sister Bea (Olivia Wilde) and friend Amy (Beau Garrett) embark on a backpacking adventure in Brazil, where they meet up with two Englishmen (Desmond Askew and Max Brown) and an Australian woman (Melissa George) for a night of partying on the beach and drinking at the local cabana bar; after being slipped some powerful mickeys, they wake up to find themselves stripped on their money, luggage and documents — and on the shortlist of a group of sinister underground organ harvesters, who act like twisted Robin Hoods as they send the body parts of “rich gringos” to the People’s Hospital in Rio de Janeiro for the benefit of the poor. A film that offers absolutely nothing for the enrichment of international relations (or vacation travel agencies), “Turistas” urges you to stick that wanderlust under your ass on the couch, where an all-weekend marathon of a television show of your choice can make for a fine — or at least much safer — alternate holiday. – IFC Staff