Frank Martin (Jason Statham) finally allows himself to love and be loved in this third installment in the action franchise chronicling the exciting yet lonely profession of a driver-for-hire who’s often called upon to kick bad guys in the face. Director Olivier Megaton changes gears a bit in “Transporter 3,” offering a more surreal and dreamlike adventure in which Frank is strong-armed out of retirement to deliver a very special “package”: Valentina (Natalya Rudakova), the daughter of the head of Ukraine’s Environmental Protection Agency who’s been kidnapped after dear old dad refused to do business with a decidedly non-environmentally-friendly company. Frank and Valentina’s journey takes them from Marseille through Munich and Budapest and finally to Odessa on the Black Sea, with both of them rigged with explosive devices set to go off if they wander more than 75 feet from the car; under such intense and bizarre circumstances, it’s no wonder they fall for each other. Rudakova – the latest Luc Besson fantasy girl with her pixie ‘do and constantly smeared eyeshadow – gazes lustfully at Staham as he makes short work of some antagonists, setting the tone for what is the strangest of the “Transporter” films – a brawny yet melancholy tale that reveals our hero to be a moody romantic who likes fishing.