A remake of the Hong Kong horror film by the Pang Brothers, “Jian guy,” “The Eye” tells the story of Sydney Wells (Jessica Alba), a brilliant violinist who’s been blind since the age of five. After undergoing a cornea transplant, her vision slowly but surely returns, but at a terrible price — she begins experiencing intense hallucinations (or are they?) involving a massive fire that claims several lives, a harrowing tragedy that seems to have been “recorded” by one particular point of view. Convinced that the images are real (and not that she’s simply going crazy), Sydney enlists the help of her visual therapist (Alessandro Nivola) as she attempts to solve this disturbing mystery, an investigation that ends up uncovering terrifying answers — and even more unexpected newfound abilities. An argument for not trying to fix what you think might be broken if there ever was one, “The Eye” explores and expands on the popular Asian themes of the original film (precognition and premonition) while consistently suggesting — almost up until the very end — that this could all be in Sydney’s head (or “eye,” rather), making for a cinematic experience that’s just as disorienting for the viewer as it is for the heroine. Parker Posey, making her first horror film appearance since “Scream 3″ (2000), plays Alba’s justifiably concerned sister.