Spoiled rich kids get in way over their heads after they mess with a retired mobster in director Peter O’Fallon’s adaptation of Don Stanford’s short story, “The Hostage.” The none-too-bright young men — Avery (Henry Thomas), Max (Sean Patrick Flanery) and Brett (Jay Mohr) — kidnap Charlie Barret (Christopher Walken), a former Mafia bigwig whose underworld connections can (in theory) get them the $2 million ransom they need to free Avery’s kidnapped sister; what follows is a series of manipulative mind games (and more than a few cons), turning a hostage situation into full-blown psychological warfare as Charlie’s bodyguard Lono (Denis Leary) raises his own kind of hell as he tracks down his boss. A story of deception told in non-linear fashion, “Suicide Kings” shows its hand one card at a time, eventually revealing a convoluted web of double- and triple-crosses … and leading to at least one unexpected if reluctant alliance. Co-starring Jeremy Sisto as the boys’ med school colleague who monitors Charlie’s vital signs and Johnny Galecki as the put-upon friend who comes home to find a gangster tied to a chair in his living room. – IFC Staff