One of the first films to warn us of the dangers of the Internet … or at least to make us beware the anonymity of online chatrooms. Teenagers Genevieve (Linda Cardellini) and Tiana (Amat Rhoe) are invited to attend a party hosted by someone who goes by the screen name “Captain Howdy,” which ends up being a trap to lure innocent girls into a world of torture and “body art” that would make even Jigsaw of the “Saw” movies shiver; Genevieve’s father, local cop Mike Gage (Kevin Gage), is soon on the case and tracks down the culprit, a severe schizophrenic named Carleton Hendricks (Dee Snider). However, Hendricks’ subsequent arrest and “rehabilitation” ends up being only the beginning of an even bigger nightmare, spurned on by the lynching tactics of the neighborhood’s most enraged father, Jackson Roth (Robert Englund). Snider, best known as the frontman for ’80s hair metal band Twisted Sister, also wrote the screenplay (which contains at least two references to co-star Englund’s famous horror character, Freddy Krueger); the film also features an early career appearance by Amy Smart as Gage’s niece, who tips her uncle on the chatroom lead. For the record, “Captain Howdy” is the name of the ghost that young Regan claims she’s talking to via the ouija board in “The Exorcist.”IFC Staff