LAPD detectives Riggs (Mel Gibson) and Murtagh (Danny Glover) both may be getting too old for this s**t, but the third entry in the highly successful action series still has some gleeful anarchic spirit as it literally starts with bang — or a boom, rather, courtesy of Riggs’ unsuccessful attempt at defusing a bomb that reduces an entire building to rubble (“Oops,” shrugs Riggs — ah, pre-9/11 action humor!). The partners briefly suffer the humiliation of being demoted to street patrol, though their successful robbery bust leads to them teaming up with tough Internal Affairs officer Lorna Cole (Rene Russo), a woman after Riggs’ heart, to take down Jack Travis (Stuart Wilson), a former LAPD lieutenant turned ruthless arms dealer who likes to bury those who cross him in wet cement. A decidedly more watered-down film than its predecessors, though there’s plenty of gunplay, car chases and general mayhem to balance out the occasional narrative lulls and some clumsy weirdness (Riggs taming a guard dog by panting and whimpering at it doesn’t quite work the way perhaps Gibson and director Richard Donner intended); meanwhile, Joe Pesci continues to be a good sport as motormouthed Leo Getz, now a real estate agent and nowhere near deserving of all the abuse he takes. Strange But True: Uncredited script doctoring came courtesy of Carrie Fisher. – IFC Staff