Director Richard Donner’s bolder, brasher and — despite its extreme violence — considerably goofier follow-up to the 1987 hit has LAPD detectives Riggs (Mel Gibson) and Murtagh (Danny Glover), now settled into domestic bliss as Riggs is a near-permanent fixture in his partner’s house, taking on South African drug dealers whose head honcho (Joss Ackland) hides behind “diplomatic immunity” (“It’s just been …,” wait, we’re getting ahead of ourselves). The brutal murders of most of our heroes’ colleagues (one of which involves an exploding swimming pool) and at least one especially mean-spirited and unexpected death mix with goofy vignettes involving Murtagh stuck on a booby-trapped toilet and the introduction of a motormouthed sidekick in the form of mob accountant turned federal witness Leo Getz (Joe Pesci). Wildly entertaining but also tone deaf as the film veers between cartoonish Warner Bros.-style shenanigans and genuine tragedy before veering into super-dark territory in the third act, though it’s all brushed under the carpet by the time we hit the end credits as the triumphant partners laugh hysterically and George Harrison tells us to “Cheer Down” via his effortlessly catchy closing tune. Despite the fact that it sometimes seems genuinely confused with itself, “Lethal Weapon 2″ is considered by most fans to be the best of the series — and, if nothing else, a rowdy farewell to anything-goes ’80s action cinema. – IFC Staff