Snake Plissken (Kurt Russell) returns in this sequel to director John Carpenter‘s low-budget dystopian action flick, “Escape From New York.” A massive earthquake has made an island of Los Angeles, making it the official No Man’s Land to which those opposed to the country’s tyrannical, religious-fanatic President (Cliff Robertson) are exiled; after a powerful device that can shut down the world’s electronic systems ends up in the hands of some revolutionaries (courtesy of the Prez’s rebellious daughter), our eyepatch-wearing anti-hero is recruited to once again help the Commander in Chief get out of a jam. Snake’s mission this time around introduces him to a variety of gonzo denizens of the former City of Angels, including ‘Map to the Stars’ Eddie (Steve Buscemi), the horribly disfigured Surgeon of Beverly Hills (Bruce Campbell), Snake’s former colleague Carjack Malone (who’s since reinvented him/herself as transexual gang leader Hershe Las Palmas, played by Pam Grier) and what appears to be Peter Fonda playing himself (as an old hippie surfer, no less). Whether this is all meant to be satire or just a bizarro adventure film is anyone’s guess; either way, both Russell and Carpenter seem positively giddy about the whole thing. – IFC Staff