This gothic fable (and sly suburban satire) is for many the quintessential Tim Burton film, and is most definitely his most personal work to date. “Edward Scissorhands” stars Johnny Depp (in his first of many collaborations with Burton) as the artificial creation of a reclusive inventor (Vincent Price) who’s destined to be forever “unfinished” after his creator dies before replacing his scissor-hands with real ones; he’s discovered years later living in a secluded mansion by a local Avon lady (Dianne Wiest), who introduces him to the even more bizarre world of The Suburbs, where he becomes something of a local celebrity due to his unique hairstyling and hedge-trimming skills – and falls for a pretty blonde cheerleader (Winona Ryder), whose boyfriend is unfortunately the high school’s thuggish star quarterback (Anthony Michael Hall). Before Depp was cast (and it’s hard to picture anyone else but him in the part), the role of Edward had been connected to Tom Cruise, Tom Hanks, Robert Downey Jr. and even William Hurt; the role of The Inventor, however, was written specifically for Burton’s longtime idol, Vincent Price; rather poignantly – and somewhat appropriately – it would end up being the horror icon’s final film performance.